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Cannabinoid Inhalers Medically approved vaporizer for the
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We are specialized in the pharmaceutical cannabis sector and also all aspects around the processing, storage and application of medicinal cannabis. You get everything from a single source: reliable, competent and service-oriented.

Our sales partners for medical devices are carefully selected on the basis of an individual requirement profile and have been extensively audited by our experts according to GDP standards. Our quality management is in constant exchange with our partners and continuously monitors compliance with all quality standards. Our partners are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 (quality management systems for medical products).

Storz & Bickel GmbH & Co. KG

Storz & Bickel is one of the most renowned manufacturers of vaporizers for the medical inhalation of cannabinoids. As the first and only manufacturer worldwide, Storz & Bickel vaporizers are approved as medical devices and can therefore also be billed to health insurance companies. The medical devices are distributed under the VAPORMED brand. The company has been highly specialized in the development of medical vaporizers since 1996 and launched the first vaporizer on the market in 2000. Storz & Bickel is internationally positioned and has had its own subsidiary in Oakland, California, since 2005. An internationally networked team of experts is on hand to ensure that the latest research results are constantly incorporated into the further development of the products. Storz & Bickel is a certified manufacturer of medical products and works according to quality management DIN EN ISO 13485.

Inhalative administration of cannabinoids

The inhalative administration of cannabinoids is generally the preferred method for taking cannabinoids. One reason for this is the rapid onset of action. Both the VOLCANO MEDIC and the MIGHTY MEDIC ensure effective inhalation. They evaporate cannabinoids with the help of hot air, without burning. Therefore no harmful combustion substances are produced. Studies have shown that approximately 1/3 of the cannabinoids used in the device enter the bloodstream. Since 2009 the VOLCANO MEDIC has enabled the inhalative medical administration of liquid cannabinoids dissolved in alcohol and of cannabinoids directly from dried cannabis blossoms. VAPORMED inhalers have been used in numerous medical studies and have established themselves as certified medical devices for cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids essentially evaporate at temperatures above 180°C and form an inhalable and easily respirable aerosol with an average droplet size (MMAD) of 0.64 µm (micrometer). The droplets are absorbed by the alveoli and thus enter the bloodstream (systemic absorption). In the inhalative administration of cannabinoids, the onset of action takes about 1-2 minutes. The effect lasts then approx. 2-4 hours. For the application, a distinction must be made between the evaporation of dronabinol (THC) dissolved in alcohol and the evaporation of cannabinoids from hemp flowers (cannabis flos). Cannabis extract and pure cannabinoids – dissolved in alcohol – need a carrier so that they can be evaporated. For this purpose, drop cushions made of stainless-steel wire mesh were developed which fit exactly into the filling chamber or dosing capsule.

Mighty Medic

The MIGHTY MEDIC is the first medical battery-powered cannabinoid inhaler. The use of the MIGHTY MEDIC is self-explanatory with Plus and Minus keys and the clearly visible LED display: As soon as the ACTUAL temperature matches the individually adjustable SET temperature, the device is ready for inhalation. The personally preferred temperature can be gradually adjusted directly on the device during evaporation. The two rechargeable high-performance batteries ensure a long usage time and a short heat-up time. It also offers a cooling unit for pleasant inhalation, optimal taste and full aroma.

The MIGHTY MEDIC evaporates by means of combined air and radiation heating. The air heating ensures continuous evaporation, while the radiation heating ensures that steam is generated on the first breath. For a quick and clean filling of the filling chamber integrated in the hot air generator, you can use the provided dosing capsules.

Volcano Medic

The VOLCANO MEDIC evaporation system solves two medical problems at once. On the one hand, the VOLCANO MEDIC evaporation system allows the inhalative medical administration of liquid cannabinoids dissolved in alcohol. On the other hand it allows the inhalative administration of cannabinoids directly from dried cannabis blossoms. In the VOLCANO MEDIC evaporation system, the cannabinoids are only dissolved by the action of heat. Burning does not take place as with smoking. The formation of combustion pollutants is avoided in this way. With its introduction in 2000, the VOLCANO MEDIC revolutionised the market and established itself as a pioneer of evaporators. The VOLCANO MEDIC evaporation system basically consists of a hot air generator and a removable valve balloon. The evaporation and inhalation processes are thus separated in time and space, which makes inhalation very safe for the user as he does not come into contact with heat or electricity from the hot air generator during inhalation from the valve balloon.

Expendable materials & accessories

Everything from one source: As an official distribution partner of Storz & Bickel, we also stock all expendable materials, replacement parts and accessories for the cannabinoid inhalers on offer. Benefit from a broad portfolio with articles of the highest quality.

This includes, among other things: Filling chambers, dosing aids, drip cushions, valve balloons or mouthpieces as well as various replacement and wear parts. The articles and all components are available both individually and in already assembled sets. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!