Hempmade hemp seed oil

Produced in NRW Highest regional quality
Vegan | gluten-free | intoxication-free

Highest quality from NRW

Hempmade is a young start-up company based in Bochum. The Hempmade team is committed to natural foods out of belief and passion. The hemp plants used for the production of the hemp seed oil originate exclusively from fair trade by regional farmers in NRW. Not only carefully selected, regional raw materials are responsible for the unique taste of the Hempmade hemp seed oil: Together with a fellow roastery from Bochum, the perfect technique for roasting the natural seeds has been elaborated for a long time. The result is a wonderfully full-bodied, pleasantly activating taste experience.


The essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 are contained in large quantities in the hemp seed oil. Important for our body is not the quantity, but the right ratio to one another. Hemp seed oil has a favourable ratio of 3:1. With its rich omega 3 content, Hempmade hemp seed oil helps to keep our body in balance and fight off free radicals. With an exquisite range of ingredients, Hempmade hemp seed oil becomes a true source of energy.


Hempmade hemp seed oil is one of the top-rated exquisite oils for gourmets. Its high quality is achieved by cultivation without pesticides or other harmful substances. It is EU-certified hemp (less than 0.2 % THC). This means that the plant is 100% intoxication-free. With the cultivation and bottling in Germany, we guarantee that the hemp seed oil is carefully and cold pressed in small batches. With its overall balanced composition of fatty acids, hemp seed oil is one of the most precious edible oils.

Kitchen usage

Hempmade hemp seed oil is ideal for preparing a wide variety of hot and cold dishes as well as for steaming vegetables. With its full-bodied, nutty taste, hemp seed oil conveys a true art of living. Its shiny golden color in salads, dressings, dips and spreads is a real eye-catcher. Notes: Temperatures above 165 °C destroy the valuable ingredients. Hemp seed oil can be suitable for persons allergic to nuts. Please contact your doctor.

The bottle

Hempmade places great value on constantly guaranteeing the premium quality of the hemp seed oil produced. The high-quality earthenware bottles are manufactured in Germany according to traditional craftsmanship. With this optimal preservation air and light are excluded. This preserves the precious fatty acid and the excellent nut flavour. Its chlorophyll content (leaf green) gives it an appetizing, classic green color. The closure of the bottle was designed to be practical and aesthetically pleasing. The removable wooden handle cork can remain in the neck of the bottle for dosage. There is an opening in it through which the oil can be dosed precisely and economically.

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique taste of Hempmade hemp seed oil and support a regional fair trade product.